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Charging And Remissions



Educational visits are undertaken on a regular basis to enhance and extend classroom work.  It is our policy to organise such trips only when this can be justified on educational grounds as an effective use of time and resources.  No child will be excluded from such a trip on the grounds of their parents’ inability to pay.  To encourage wider interests, and the pursuit of excellence, visits to school by theatre groups, musicians etc are occasionally arranged.


We ask parents to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of running these activities.  If a number of parents are unwilling or unable to contribute then the activity may have to be cancelled.


We also ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of swimming instruction which takes place in the Autumn and Summer terms.


Year 5 and Year 6 children are invited to take part in a residential visit each year to the Isle of Wight and an Activity Centre. 


Music Tuition is available at the school. Parents are asked to bear the full cost unless eligible for the Essex Voucher Scheme.  Further details are available from the school.


Extra-curricular Activities - the school offers additional activities outside of school hours (eg Art, Football).  If this is undertaken by an external coach/instructor there may be a charge for the activity.


Additional activities organised by the school may require a parental contribution eg.  productions, theatre groups and storytellers.


There is no charge to parents wishing for a paper copy of information on this website.

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