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Ethos and Values


 At Lincewood Primary School all staff are committed to creating “The Best Possible Introduction to Education” for all pupils.  This statement has been created by, and shared with all staff, pupils, governors, parents and members of the local community.  We have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour both in and out of school.  There will be a consistent approach to discipline with a system of rewards and sanctions agreed by all.  We will promote a positive ethos there ensuring that the staff and pupils are happy and motivated.  Happy children learn!


Pupils will learn about different cultures, religions and social groups and accept and appreciate peoples’ differences.  Children will be encouraged to believe that they can succeed whatever their social background and all achievements will be celebrated.  An attitude of perseverance to solve problems will be fostered with the children and they will be allowed to make mistakes which they can go on to learn from.


In preparation for becoming good citizens of the future, five social and emotional aspects of learning will be nurtured:


Self awareness

Managing feelings



Social skills


In a world which is frequently encountering ecological problems, pupils will be educated about the need to take responsibility for the local and global environment; at our school pupils are educated in well-kept and pleasant surroundings.


At Lincewood Primary School, our pupils will be taught to be effective communicators, to be competitive in a positive way and to have a sense of humour.  They will be equipped with strategies to help them cope with life’s inevitable stresses and taught the importance of pursuing interests and having leisure activities outside lesson time.  They will be encouraged to participate in the school’s many extra curricular activities on offer.  Children will learn about the importance of physical exercise, healthy diets and the detrimental effects of drugs and other harmful substances on health.  We recognise that lifelong learning is the future and all pupils and members of staff will acquire the ICT skills necessary to manage, access, evaluate, store, utilise and communicate information.  We recognise that improvement is limitless and we will never cease to consider implementing and monitoring new and existing initiatives.  There will be a continual cycle of whole school self-evaluation within which challenging targets for improvement will be set and reviewed.  The professional development of all staff members is of the utmost importance.


Standards of attainment will be as high as possible and a wide range of teaching strategies will be used to facilitate enthusiastic learning.  Assessment will be used as a tool to closely monitor and track individual progress thus providing every pupil with the opportunity of reaching their potential.  Pupils will have a detailed understanding of learning and be involved in evaluating their own success in learning through formative assessment strategies.  All pupils will have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.  We strive to create literate and numerate children who are taught thinking, questioning and problems solving skills.

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