Meet the Governors/Business Interests

Staff Governor

Appointing Body - Staff

Miss Harriet Gill - (Term of Office 4 years from 01/09/19 to 31/8/23)

Parent Governors

Appointing Body - Parents

Mrs Sarah Smith - (Term of Office 4 years from 17/6/18-18/6/22)

Mrs Leigh Christensen - (Term of Office 3/5/19-2/5/23)

Mr Andrew Williams - (Term of Office 3/5/19 -2/5/23)

Community Co-opted Governors

Appointing Body - Governing Body

Mr Stuart Hayter -  (Term of Office 4 years from 01/06/19 to 31/5/23 - resigned as Chair July 2019)

Mr Scott Croly - (Term of Office 4 years from 7/11/17 to 8/11/21)

Mrs Rochelle Bone - (Term of Office appointed 4 years from 25/5/19 to 24/5/23) SEND & PPG Governor

Local Authority Governors

Appointing Body - Local Authority

Mrs Sandra Hiller – Chair Of Governing Body (wef Sept 19)- LINK Governor -  (Term of Office 4 years from 25/11/15 to 24/11/19)


Associate Governors

Appointing Body - Governing Body

Mrs Nicolette Lamont - (Term of Office n/a)

Mrs Linda Robinson - (Term of Office n/a)


Ex- Officio

Mrs Julie Braithwaite (Acting Headteacher)

Mrs Melanie Gaskin (Executive Headteacher)

Governor changes in the last year:

Mrs Louise Riley -  Resigned March 2019

Mr Justin Walton –  Resigned March 2019

Mr Simon Barbero - Term of Office completed July 2019

Rev'd Colin Hopkinson - Resigned July 2019

Mr Stuart Hayter - resigned as Chair July 2019

Mrs Sandra Hillier - appointed Chair from September 2019

Mr Scott Croly - appointed Vice Chair from September 2019

Mrs  Janet Taplin - resigned November 2019

Mrs Jennifer McCutcheon - left December 2019

Mr Keith Vagg - resigned February 2020

Governors have a collective responsibility for important financial decisions in the school. Governors complete skills matrices to ensure the necessary skills are in place. Governors have identified that the overall strategy for the school is 'to provide a quality standard of education to local primary age children using all the resources we have available to us to maximise the opportunities we can make available to them and be the local school of choice'.


Strategic Intervention Board (SIB) at Lincewood Primary School

In June 2019, Essex County Council formally suspended the governing body’s right to a delegated budget as the school is eligible for statutory intervention following the outcome of a Warning Notice issued on 10th June 2019.  

The effect of the suspension is that the governing body have no power to make decisions with financial implications over £5000 until the suspension is lifted.  The governing body and its committees may continue to meet but may not take any decisions about the management of the school budget. ECC will therefore take responsibility for such decisions and to discharge this function, a Strategic Intervention Board has been established, the membership of which is below:


  • Chair of the Board Mike Capon
  • SIB Member – Niki Bannister
  • SIB Member – Linda Robinson
  • Chair of Governors – Sandra Hillier
  • Vice-Chair of Governors – Scott Croly
  • Acting Headteacher – Julie Braithwaite
  • Executive Headteacher – Mel Gaskin
  • School Effectiveness Partner assigned to the school – Maz Norman


Instrument of Governance

Attendance at meetings data

Terms of Reference - Salary Review

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