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Other Policies

Religious Education

Religious Education is integrated into the general curriculum of the school, both in the classroom and assembly. Following County guide-lines it deals with developing sensitivity and openness toward religious beliefs and ways of life. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from R.E. and/or assemblies. The Rev. C. Hopkinson regularly takes assemblies. Visits to local churches are sometimes made, in connection with topic work.

Physical Education

Our large hall serves as a well equipped gymnasium and each class is timetabled to use it for a variety of activities. When the weather permits, we can also use the playground and extensive playing fields for P.E. and games. P.E. is a statutory requirement of the National Curriculum and if your child is unable to take part please send a note to school stating the reason. The programme includes gymnastics, game skills, athletics, drama and swimming. We feel it is important for the children to dress appropriately for P.E. lessons with black, green or white shorts, white or green T-shirts/vests or leotards for indoor P.E. For outdoor games the children should dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Sex Education Policy

We believe that the responsibility for sex education should be a partnership between school and parents responsibility to deal with this aspect. During the course of our programme, we will encourage children to find out about themselves. They will study how they grow and change and the process of reproduction in a variety of living things. The children will learn about their own stages of development and during Year 6 the video "Living and Growing" will be used as a starting point for discussing the changes which they face as they enter adult life. Questions will be answered sensitively and thoughtfully. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from this aspect of the curriculum.






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