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Uniform policy

We believe that the wearing of school uniform, apart from relating to our general standards, gives children a corporate identity and reinforces our school community. Parents of children attending the school are expected to support this policy.

The school uniform consists of:

  • White shirt or blouse (long sleeves)
  • White polo shirt (short sleeves)
  • Bottle green jumper or cardigan
  • School sweat shirt
  • Grey or black trousers
  • Green or grey pinafores or skirt
  • Green and white check or stripe Summer dresses
  • Sensible shoes - black or brown ( no training shoes )
  • Sandals - black, brown or white (appropriate styles, for example no high heels)
  • Simple non-decorative hairbands or headbands only (green or black)

Items can be purchased from the mobile shop (www.sues-schoolwear.co.uk) that visits the school every fortnight. Alternatively, items are available at major chain stores. It is very important that clothing is marked with your child's name. It is difficult for us to find or identify lost unnamed items of clothing.

Children perform indoor P.E. in bare feet. Children with long hair must ensure it is securely tied before commencing Outdoor Games or Indoor P.E. We suggest that children with long hair have it tied up during the whole school day.

County recommendations regarding the wearing of jewellery are as follows:

“Watches, jewellery and earrings, belts with metal buckles and another unnecessary encumbrances likely to prove dangerous to the wearer or to others should not be worn”. In the case of pierced ears, only small studs should be worn. Neither the school nor the LA can accept any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the wearing of jewellery. Essex County Council’s ruling (January 1995) states that for physical education “all jewellery, including sleepers and studs in newly pierced ears, must be removed for safety reasons. Those children who do not comply will not be permitted to participate in the activity”.

For this reason Lincewood Primary School strongly suggests that ears are only pierced at the beginning of the summer holidays, to allow time for healing before the new term begins.

No jewellery may be worn in the swimming pool. Children with long hair must have their hair securely tied before entering the swimming pool, preferably wearing swimming hats.

The school cannot be held responsible for injuries caused as a result of wearing them.

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