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Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

GPS - Information for Parents
A new statutory test of English grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) will be introduced for children at the end of Key Stage 2 from May 2013.
The test implements a recommendation of Lord Bew’s independent review that the more 'technical' aspects of English, such as grammar, punctuation and spelling, are assessed via an externally marked test.

The introduction of this new test reflects the Government’s beliefs that children should have mastered these important aspects of English by the time they leave primary school, and that appropriate recognition should be given to good use of English throughout their schooling.
At Lincewood we are teaching the GPS curriculum throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and have been asked by several parents how they can help their children with this aspect of English.  One way of achieving this is to become familiar with the terminology used in the curriculum and to use this with children whenever an opportunity arises.  With this in mind, we have discovered a fantastic 'Jargon Buster' which gives explanations of all of the terms used in GPS together with examples.  If you would like to read more please go to the Oxford University Press or click on the link below:

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