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Sports Premium

Sports Premium

The new Physical Education and Sports Grant is allocated to schools based on the number of children the school has on roll. The purpose of this funding is to improve the provision of Physical Education and Sport in Primary Schools and it is up to the Senior Leadership and Governing Body of the school to determine how best to spend the grant to achieve this.

At Lincewood Primary School we want to provide every pupil with access to the highest quality of Physcial Education provision through Curriculum time and after school and holiday activities and the grant will enable us to do this.



Lincewood Primary School: Sports Premium Grant Projected Spend Report 2019-20

Total Number of pupils on roll


Grant Received



Mrs Stephanie Hughes

Governor responsible for PE and School Sport


Objectives of Spend:

  • Improve the provision and quality of PE and School Sport at Lincewood Primary School.
  • Ensure that PE and School sport is judged at least ‘good’ by external monitoring.
  • To increase the number of opportunities for all the children to access high quality School sport, clubs, competitions, festivals and targeted projects.
  • Develop a love of sport and physical activity.
  • Provide high quality support to our teachers to ensure confidence and competence in teaching PE.
  • To give all children the opportunity to try a variety of different sports.



Objective/description of activity


All weather sports pitch




(35% of cost)



To improve the access to sporting activities all year round. To effectively use the school grounds at all times and to increase the opportunities of multi-sports played.

More opportunities for pupils to participate in a variety of sports all year round.

Sports activities every lunchtime for KS2 children (300 children)

PE lessons for all age groups (420 children)

After school, weekend and holiday clubs.

All the children have access to an all year round facility which ensures PE lessons are rarely cancelled ensuring sport for all, all year.

External sport coaches to work with children on extra-curriculum sporting activities.








Four after school sessions a week all year of multi sports activities for Year1-6 to encourage participation in ‘other’ sports. 35 weeks of the year.


Five half an hour lunchtime clubs for Years 2-6 one day a week for all children for 35 weeks of the year.

Provide a sports coach after school for 1 hour a week in the summer term to coach the children representing the school and the District competition.

Greater sport participation for all the children and particularly those who do not attend the after school clubs.

Providing multi sports coaching at lunchtimes ensures all pupils in the Year group are present and taking part which can’t be made compulsory at the after school clubs.

Competitve participation against other loval schools.





Swimming lessons by qualified swimming instructor and support staff









Additional swimming lessons at lunchtime and after school for children identified in Years 5 and 6 who are either non-swimmers or lack confidence in the water.


Additional training after school for elite swimmers who will be representing the School in galas to increase the number of children reaching the finals and winning medals.

Increase the number of children to 100% who are able to swim at least 5m by the time they leave the school. Increase water confidence for certain individuals through small group lessons.

Increase the number of gold, silver and bronze medals in individual pursuits and relays. Sustain a winning ethos in future galas

Transportation to events



£500 (contribution towards transport costs)

Broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils.

Boys and girls football matches

Cross country tournaments

Netball matches

District Sports Heats and Finals

Swimming galas

Sporting activities and competitions at the local Secondary School.

KS1 Festival

By providing transport we have been able to raise the interest for competitions.


James Hornsby Partnership fee





Access to James Hornsby KS1 Festivals








Maintain the London 2012 legacy through regular inter School Sport competition.  This is to enter the inter-school swimming and athletic competitions.




Broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils.

Greater success at inter-school competitions and events.


Teachers are better trained and skilled from attending INSET and training.


Fostering a love of sport through participation with other schools in local events.

Equipment and kit



Replace worn indoor PE equipment


Increase the equipment and resources available for teaching out of school multi sports lessons including swimming aids.


Pupils are able to participate in a range of sports as resourced adequately.

Equipment is reviewed regularly to ensure it is of an adequate standard and covers the multitude of sports being covered



Additional staff support for Netball coaching



Provide staff to take Netball  squad coaching sessions after school for one session a week.

Competitive participation against other schools in all local leagues and competitions.



Ready for school




An early morning club used as a targeted intervention (2-6) to enable children to focus reactions and build concentration.

Children improve levels of concentration which impacts on the quality of their school work.




To provide access to a variety of sports.


Provide high quality taster sessions after school from local sports providers. These can then be used as an opportunity for children to participate different sports.

Local sports to be contacted to possible include:

Cross Country


Basket ball

Tag Rugby Club





Total Premium received


Total Premium planned


Premium remaining

£      59.40

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